Jennifer Eight

What do you think?
I think you' re here all day.
How much longer are we here?
We ain't gonna find anything else.

Give it another hour.
Did the photographer do the dogs?

- Dogs?
- There's two dogs.

He should do the dogs.
Got a brassiere here.
Looks like it could be blood.

- All right I'm coming.
- Shit.

The coroner wants to know
if we can release the derelict.

Yeah, he can go.
I think I'll lay down with him.
It's the only way I'm gonna get out of here.

It's good to be with you, Ross.
Glad you finally made it, bro.
- Want an umbrella?
- Yeah, thanks. Give me hand with this?

- Is this normal?
- Pisses down October to June.

- How long have you known Freddy?
- Ross?

- He was my sergeant when I was a rookie.
- He got you the job?

He would have if he could have.
He's been trying long enough.

Welcome aboard.
Caught the rain?

Sergeant Serato, Taylor and Travis I think
you know. I'll be with you in a minute.

Do me a favour.
Bring the rest of the stuff out of the car.

Hey, Travis, don't lose it.
Find the knife, sergeant?
No, but we have a theory.