Jennifer Eight

I told you I lost the Walther.
You said you didn't know
until you were in the hospital.

So it could have been either weapon.
The gun in my right hand was a Beretta.
And I'd like that note corrected
for the record. Now, please sir...

- Do you want a lawyer?
- Another game question.

What do I want a lawyer for?
I got nothing to hide.

- Don't you?
- You know I don't. So quit the bullshit.

Get down to it.
What's your angle?

Where is that little gun?
- I have no idea.
- You don't?

If it isn't at the Institute,
the man who killed Ross took it.

The man who killed Ross used it.
And you don't have any idea where
that little.32 calibre Walther's gone?

All right, here it is.
I intend to prove you shot
Frederick Ross with malice aforethought.

Therefore, I will be preparing
a case on behalf of your chief

to prosecute you for first degree murder.
Dad! I want my dad!
I hate her! I hate her!