Kurenai no buta

Hey, you! Put me down!
Listen quietly to the music.
She is a wonderful lady.
Even American pilots know
Madame Gina at the Hotel Adriano.

Air pirates and bounty hunters alike
leave their quarrels outside.

So that's the famous Curtiss R3C
parked outside?

"The Rattlesnake"!
Bringer of fame and fortune.

The plane beat Italians
at the Schneider Cup, twice.

Not only is it fast,
but it is also and excellent fighter.

But I hear tell of a "Porco Rosso"
who's pretty famous, too.

Be careful of joining
with the pirates, kid.

They're poor, they're cheap...
... and they're dirty.
They don't bathe.

Uh uh... I know that.
Who are you calling dirty, pig?

Quite a distinguished gathering!
You boys must be planning something.

You're right!
Always glad to see you,
but no war games here, OK?

We know, Gina.
We don't work within
50 kilometers of here.

We're even polite to the pig!
That's my boys.
See you later.
Whaa, whaa, what are you doing!
Porco, tell me what happened!
Next time we're alone.
That American is funny.
He took one look and said,
"Marry me!"

So I told him:
"I've married three pilots."