Kurenai no buta

My great-nephew's wife the finishing.
My cousin's daughters.
Sophia, Laura, Constance, Valentina.

Fio's sister Giliola.
Sandra's her cousin.
Marietta, you've gotten so pretty.
My sons' wives...
... Maria, Tina, Anna
and her younger sister Miletta.

My little Porco!
The angels haven't come for you yet?
You've grown up to be a nice boy!
You all work here, too?
To buy things for our great-grandchildren!
There's not one man here!
They're all family?
Yes, they don't have any jobs these days.
The men are all gone away.
Because of the "Great Depression"?
Don't worry.
The women are tough and they work hard.
It's not pancakes we're making here.
Our Lord who art in Heaven.
We thank thee for giving our
struggling company work and bread.

Forgive my sin of using women's hands
to build a warplane.

Let's eat up and get to work!
Sounds good!
This engine was a good choice.

How do you like them RPMs?
Watch out or you'll blow
the shed away!