Kurenai no buta

What a great hideout!
Agh! My leg's gone to sleep.
The pig!
Don't move!
Look at all you silly idiots.
Hey, Boss! We got him!
Watch who you're stepping on!

We've been waiting, pig.
We knew you were coming.
We've got a score to settle.
It's a girl.
He's got a girl with him!
She's pretty.
Shut up! So what?
Half the world is women!
That's not just any girl!
She's Piccolo's chief design engineer.
A cute little thing like her?
Are you sure?
My plane's a lot better than it was.
She's young but she's good.
Really, Porco?
I never lie about planes.
She's here to make sure I pay the bill.
You're in debt, too?
Serves you right!

Bust that plane up so bad
all he's got left is the loan on it!

You're going to take an axe
to the plane I built?!

A plane as beautiful as that?!
It's a long story, Miss.
So you are!
Well, you know...
And you call yourselves pilots?
Move! Where are my shoes?