Kurenai no buta

Planes were going down like flies,
ours and theirs.

I had three on my tail.
I didn't have time for anyone else.
Then mine was the only one
of our planes left.

The enemy kept coming.
They had blood in their eyes.
My hands and feet were numb.
I couldn't see...
I thought I was dead.

Suddenly everything all went white
in front of me.

Yeah, like I was in pure light.
But a light so strange it took a while
to realize I was in cloud.

I was so tired I didn't have
enough strength to fly.

But the plane just kept flying
by itself.

A cloud prairie?
Yeah, and dead quiet.
The sky was so beautiful.
With that weird line of clouds
stretching up out of sight.

Berlini! You're OK?