Lethal Weapon 3

I'll give you a good reason.
Tyrone, this is Travis.
You back out now, and I'll make sure
only your dentist can identify the body.

Is that a good enough reason for you?
But I need ammo!
I'm out of business without ammo!
I need the good stuff.
You'll get the ammo. The good stuff.
"The good stuff". Jesus.
Time to pay another visit to the LAPD.
You look like I feel.
Have you got anything
I can put on my head?

The hat in the closet.
You're all heart. Here I thought
you'd get all tender and maternal.

I was raised with four brothers.
We got hurt often, but if no bones were
broken or blood gushed, nobody cared.

Look, blood. See? Blood.
It's not gushing.
It was free falling earlier.
Could you bring me a needle and thread?
Some peroxide. I'll patch it up myself.

Don't touch anything.
I wasn't.
What's with you?
What are you doing?
-I said not to touch anything.
-It came on by itself.

All by itself. What are you, a wise guy?
You don't like to share your toys?
-This isn't a toy.
-What is it?

-This is a weapon.
-A weapon?

Used properly, a very effective weapon.
What, do you throw it at people?
You'll give yourself a hernia.
Come here. Sit down.

Right here.
-Take a little off the top.
-Right here.