Qiu Ju da guan si

Where did you first meet?
At my place
Was it love at first sight then
Did you fall for her right away?
And you? Do you love him?
Miss, did you propose to him?
He proposed to you. What did you say?
Say it aloud then. Or
how can I give you this
What if tomorrow you don't want him?
So it was love at first sight
Qiu Ju asked me
to bring these back to you

Once you sign this
It's love for life
Hey, Wan
Come warm yourself first
Your turn next. Get ready
Why did you bring these back to me?
What's up
Qiu Ju said the Chief didn't buy them
You did

How did she know?
The shopkeeper told her
So what? What's the big deal?
You shouldn't have wasted your money
She's as pigheaded as the Chief
This has dragged on too long
I want it to end
A silly squabble, don't you think?
Qiu Ju said she wanted an explanation
This daughter-in-law of yours