Radio Flyer

- You know what I mean?
- No, why?

Because I say so, that's why.
No, because it only takes a second
to say "I promise"...

but the commitment could last
the rest of your life.

Remember I told you guys about
Uncle Bobby and me when we were kids?

- Yeah.
- Of course.

I didn't tell you the whole story because...
I left out a bunch of stuff
because I figured you guys were too young.

Well, I guess now is as good a time as any.
In fact, now is just about perfect. Okay.
All right, listen up.
But I want you to remember something:

History is all in the mind of the teller.
Truth is all in the telling.
Not really.
Don't worry about it. You will.
To understand the whole thing...
to understand why a promise
is such a big and important deal...

you gotta go back...
to before any of it ever happened.
Back to before we ever lived in Novato,
before we even came to California.

Back even before we were born.
Go ahead.
You have to go way back
to a kid named Fisher...

who wanted to be a legend.
Come on, guys. We're almost there.