Radio Flyer

How come he does it? How come he drinks?
I guess beer means more to him than we do.
Yeah, I guess that makes sense.
By design, a younger brother is a tagalong.
You're a little bigger, a little stronger...
only because you were born
two years earlier.

So you're always looking back
to see if he's still there...

and always embarrassed of him
in front of all of your bigger friends.

Duck, Bobby.
We're gonna go play some football.
Wanna come?

Come on, Mikey. Let's go.
- We need another player.
- Yeah, come on.

Let's go!
They're only saying...
Maybe not.
Maybe they want to be friends with me.

- We need an extra player. Let's go, Mikey.
- Yeah, come on.

You don't know. They could be cool.
- But...
- Just stay here, Bobby.

You're too young.
Stay here.
Here, you can have my Pez.
Mike, come on.
Burn out. Let's go! Burn some rubber.
Come on. Beat you there.
No, Shane.
Just let him go.