Reservoir Dogs

Could you believe Mr. Blonde?
That was the most insane
fuckin' thing I have ever seen.

Why the fuck would Joe
hire a guy like that?

I don't want to kill anybody.
If I gotta get out that door
and you're standin' in my way...

one way or the other
you're gettin' outta my way.

That's the way I look at it.
The choice between
doin' ten years...

and takin' out
some stupid motherfucker...

ain't no choice at all.
But I ain't no madman, either.
What the fuck was Joe thinkin'?
You can't work with a guy like that.

We're awful goddamn lucky he didn't
tag us when he shot the place up.

I came this close
to takin' his ass out myself.

I mean, everybody panics.

Things get tense.
It's human nature.

You panic. I don't care what
your name is, you can't help it.

Fuck, man, you panic on the inside,
in your head, you know?

You give yourself a couple of seconds,
get ahold of it and deal with it.

What you don't do is start shootin' up
the place and start killin' people.

What you're supposed to do
is act like a fuckin' professional.

A psychopath ain't a professional.
You can't work with a psychopath.

You don't know what those
sick assholes are gonna do next.

I mean, Jesus Christ, how old do you
think that black girl was? Twenty?

- Maybe 21?
- If that.

Did you see what happened
to anybody else?

Me and Orange jumped in the car,
Brown floored it.

After that,
I don't know what went down.

It was every man for himself.
As far as Mr. Blonde and Mr. Blue are
concerned, I ain't got the foggiest...

'cause once I got out,
I never looked back.

What do you think?
What do I think? The cops either
caught 'em or killed 'em.

No chance they punched through?
You found a hole.

Yeah, and that was
a fuckin' miracle.

But even if they did get away,
then where the fuck are they?

You don't think it's possible one of 'em
got ahold of the diamonds and--

- No, no way.
- How can you be so sure?