Single White Female

- So how many kids do we want?
- What's the statistical norm?

You and your statistics.
- 1.2.
- Okay, then I want 2.2.

- And I want them to look like you.
- Poor kids.

If I can get you off the computer
tomorrow, I'll buy you that ring.

- Is this gonna be a real wedding?
- As opposed to a fake one?

Sam, you've already been through
the big ceremony.

That was the fake one.
This is the real one.

You can have any kind of wedding
you want. Underwater. In a sauna.

Naked skydiving?
I've not been in New York
long enough to know many people.

- Except me.
- Well, you're invited.

And my friend Graham upstairs.
It won't be long before you know
half the people in New York.

People like you ...
but I found you first.

You're the best thing
that ever happened to me.