Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot

These bad guys are always late.
- They'll be here.

When, Tony?
We've been sitting here two hours.

The meeting's been planned for weeks.
They'll be here. Be patient, alright?

Yeah, so will the Easter bunny,
and my next birthday!

And guess what...
It's about goddamm time!
Got the money?
No, food stamps.
- I don't trust this dude.

I deal in stolen merchandise.
I'm not very trustworthy.

You show up late...
and then you ask dumb questions.
- Could be a cop.

Or Elvis or the Wizard of Oz.
Oo you want to deal or not?

Alright, show him the stuff.
Come on. Hurry up. I'm late.
Back off!
- Really?

Police! Stop!
Nobody listens.
Tony, get over here!
Come on!