Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot

Thanks, Ray. - Is it true
you used Tony's butt for cover?

Boy, there's a butt
I could use for cover.

Watch what you say about Gwen.
- About "Gwen"?

I'm sorry, Joe.
Are you and the lieutenant involved?

If I thought you were involved,
I never would have said a word.

Joe, Lieutenant wants to see you.
I think she's in a weird mood.

Lovers' tiff?
- Sit down.

Know what I was just thinking about?
Remember Catalina? - Of course.
- Great weekend. - The best.

It was great because I was in love.
- Me too.

Remember what I said Sunday morning
when we were sitting on the terrace?

That you'd like me to nibble all...
- Not that.

I was the first man to...
The other stuff.
Oh, the feelings stuff.
Feelings and responsibilities stuff.
- Come on, Gwen.

If this is about the bust...
- I'm not talking about that fiasco.

You go out getting drunk,
while I stay up worrying!

You didn't call!
It was late.
Oidn't want to wake you.

Here, hold this.
- Why?

Pretend we're talking business.
Oon't want the precinct knowing.
I think they already know.
- What was I to think?

They said somebody got hit.
Then that Tony got hit
and you went to get more beer!

Honey, it's true.
I had a few drinks with the guys.

- Yeah.

That's funny, because Lou told me
you spent the evening on the phone.