Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot

I'm going to go up
and talk to these guys. Be right back.

We could do "good cop, bad cop"!
- I can handle it. Thanks.

Oo you really want to go?
- You know I do. - Okay.

Go downstairs and sniff around.
I'll be upstairs with the big boys.
It's that cop.
Get in the side office
till he's gone. Move it!

Yeah, show the officer in.
Oetective Joseph Bomuwski.
- Bomowski. - Good afternoon.

What can I do for you?
I'm investigating a warehouse fire,
a lot of weapons were destroyed.

You collected the insurance.
- Yes.

I hope there isn't any problem.
- What would say if we had evidence

that the weapons
weren't destroyed in the fire.

That we were the victim of a fraud.
You don't look like a victim,
you look more like a beneficiary.

Excuse me.
A woman out there
is claiming to be your mother. - No!

Sorry. - That's alright.
- They tried... - I'll handle this.

I say we work them over!
- Just wait outside.

It's almost under control.
- Joe...

they're being audited.
I know an audit when I see one.

Mom, later!
- It's the motive.

Lot of accusations flying around.
What do you want?
To look at the warehouse.
Any problem with that?