Tao xue wei long 2

What? Those worth five hundred million?
Yes, they do.
It's only paper.
Right now, you just cost me
hundred and fifty million.

Is that too expensive?
Hey, you've got money.
This account, we own it.
I remember, each of us contributed $10.
It's worth more than $10 now.
$100,000? You've saved that much.
Hey, you've contributed too.
Don't you remember?

It's helpless. My daughter is like me.
You're lucky, get ready for the wedding.
Mom, don't worry. He'll manage it.
Hey, Sing.
There's some important matters
you've got to help.

Special Branch and Regional Crime Unit
are cooperating for the first time.

I'll be exposed this time.
As a prostitute?
Then why exposed?
No. I mean I'll be visible.
How should I say it?
Be extraordinary.
Yes... extraordinary.
That's what I've just said, right?
Yes, then what?
All these English I know,
but not understand.

You explain to me.
I see, this is about...
- Hum...
- What?

- Is it true...
- Hum...

- What?
- What's the matter?

Madam, please think twice.
I believe about this case, besides me.
You shouldn't find
another person to do it.

Tat is our best.
He'll finish the job with no problem.
Say it yourself, are you able?
Well, let me tell you
those terrorists are crazy.

Don't pretend, say it.
I know... The report is very detailed.
This case is very dangerous,
but I'm not afraid all along.
Don't overestimate yourself.