All right.

You fucker!
[Indistinct Rap]
Shit, another one.
Looks like
some fuckin' pimp.

Leave me alone I got posse
bust the bets

You better watch me
I gotta do what I gotta do

So who the hell is you to
tell me how my song is wrong

You don't know

Yo, Wickey, this is Raymond.
Where do you want me to park?

What do you
think's goin' on?
Nothin' good.

I think I finally figured out...

how you boys are gonna
get a chance to get outta here.

Body bags!

Oh, shit. Pussy in the trunk.

Raymond's good for somethin;

All right. This shit here
takes out a rat's ass
at 300 yards.

Shit, I'll take that. I was
a sharpshooter in the army.

You don't look like
no sharpshooter.
I was the best in my company.

Ease back, motherfuckers.
This is mine.
You know what I'm sayin'?

Go, Wickey, dive in there.
I don't need no big-ass gun.

Mess up my suit. This right
here will do me just fine.

[Raymond Laughing]
All right, all right,
Mr Leader Man.

What's your plan?
Come on over here.

Them country motherfuckers
was cryin' about the police, right?

They want cops?
Give 'em cops.

[Raymond Laughing]

[Video Man]
Hello, Officer Friend.
How are you?