Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me

Her name is Lil!
She's my mother's sister's girl.
Food luck, Chet!
Sam, you stick with Chet!
He's got his own m.o.!
Modus operandi!

You fellas can reach me
in the Philadelphia offices!

l'm flying out today!
That really was something
with the dancing girl.

What exactly did that mean?
l'll explain it to you.
Remember Lil's
wearing a sour face.

What do you mean?
Her face had a sour look on it.
We're going to have problems
with the local authorities.

They're not going to be
receptive to the FBl.

Both eyes blinking
means trouble higher up.

The eye is the local authority.
Sheriff and a deputy
would be my guess.

You notice she had
one hand in her pocket...

which means
they're hiding something.

And the other hand
made into a fist...

which means
they'll be belligerent.

Lil was walking in place...
which means there's
a lot of legwork involved.

Cole said Lil was
his mother's sister's girl.

Now, what's missing
in that sentence?

The uncle. Not Cole's uncle...
but probably the sheriff's
uncle is in federal prison.

Let me ask you something.
Did you notice
anything about the dress?

The dress was altered
to fit her.

l noticed a different color
thread where it was taken in.

Fordon said you were good.
Tailored dress
is our code for drugs.

Notice what was pinned to it?
A blue rose?