Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me

l'd like to see
Sheriff Cable, please.

Why don't you have a seat
over there with your partner?

Make yourself at home
because it'll be a while.

Why don't you have some coffee?
Fo ahead.

lt was fresh about two days ago.
l've had enough
of the waiting room now.

ls that so?
Don't move.
You can start that fresh pot
of coffee right now.

How the hell
did you get in here?

Federal Bureau of lnvestigation.
Special Agent Chet Desmond.

l'm here to investigate
the murder of Teresa Banks.

Well, little fella...
we don't need
any outside help around here.

l don't like you people sniffing
around my neck of the woods.

When the state boys called me
about a J. Edgar coming up...

l think l said, ''So what?''
lt's all right, Deputy.
Sheriff Cable
can handle it from here.