Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me

What the hell's
that thing doing out there?

You're not taking
that body anywhere.

We're taking the body
back to Portland.

There's not a thing
you can do about it.

Teresa Banks had a ring.
Any idea what happened to it?
We got a phone here.
lt's got a little ring.
Take that van back
to Portland, Stanley.

l'm going to take one more look
at the trailer park.

Agent Desmond, one thing
has been troubling me...

the blue rose.
You're going to the trailer park
for the blue rose.

That's Deputy Cliff's trailer
right there.

That's his truck, too.
Teresa Banks' trailer
is over here.

Right where we left it.
Where's my goddamn hot water?
See what l mean?
l'll be in my trailer.
Hot water, Carl.
l'm going to get you
some Valium, Margaret.