Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me

Phillip, is that you?
Cooper, meet the long-lost
Phillip Jeffries!

You may have heard of him
from the academy!

Now, l'm not going
to talk about Judy.

ln fact, we're not going
to talk about Judy at all.

We'll keep her out of it.
l know, Coop!
Who do you think this is there?
Suffered some bumps
on the old noggin, Phil?

What the hell
did he say there, Albert?

Special Agent Dale Cooper!

For Fod's sakes, Jeffries,
where the hell have you been?

You've been gone
damn near two years!

l sure as hell
want to tell you everything.

Believe me, l follow.
lt was a dream.
We live inside a dream.
lt was above
a convenience store.

Listen, all. Listen carefully.
l've been to one
of their meetings.