Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me

That's her trailer over there.
Never touched a goddamn thing.

Agent Chet Desmond
come by a second time...

and asked to see Deputy Cliff's
trailer over here...

which l showed him.
l went back to my trailer...
and after that,
never saw him again.

Thank you, Carl.
Sorry to wake you.

All right.
Was having a bad dream anyway.

That's not the way out
to Deputy Cliff's trailer.

l'm not going
to Deputy Cliff's trailer.

Where the hell are you going?
l'm going over here.
What's over there?
Fod damn,
these people are confusing.

What are you looking for?
What was here, Mr. Rodd?
A trailer.
What the hell do you think?

Can you tell me
whose trailer it was...

and who stayed in it?
An old woman and her grandson.
Can you tell me
what their names were?

Matter of fact, Chalfont
was the name of the people...

that rented this space before.
Two Chalfonts. Weird.
ls that Agent Desmond's vehicle?
Yep. Sure is.
Diane, it's 4:20 p.m.
l'm standing at Wind River
near the location...

where the body
of Teresa Banks was found.

Diane, this case
gives me a strange feeling.