Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me

through your mouth.
Lately l've been filled
with the knowledge...

that the killer
will strike again.

But because
it's just a feeling...

l am powerless to stop it.
One more thing, Albert.
When the next murder happens...
you will help me solve it.
Let's test it for the record.
Will the next victim
be a man or a woman?

A woman.
All right.
What color hair will she have?
Tell me
some other things about her.

She's in high school.
She is sexually active.
She's using drugs.
She's crying out for help.
Damn, Cooper,
that really narrows it down.

You're talking
half the girls in America!

What's she doing right now?
She's preparing
a great abundance of food.

Here's your change.
Thank you.

Heidi's got a bloody nose.
Think you could give Laura
a hand with Meals on Wheels?

l was just--l was busy.
l was doing this.
You're not that busy.