Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me

You stole the corn!
l had it canned
over the store!

And, miss...
the look on her face
when it was opened!

There was a stillness!
Like the Formica table top!
The thread will be torn,
Mr. Palmer!

Come on!
The thread will be torn!
lt's him !
lt's your father!
Stop it!
What was that all about?
You shouldn't do that
to your engine.

You ought to take it easy.
You're going to burn
your engine out.

What the hell
was all that about?

Why doesn't somebody
do something about this?

A man comes out
of the blue like that...

starts screaming at you
like a crazy person...

and harassing my daughter.
You all right, honey?
Dad, are you all right?
Teresa Banks.
You look just like my Laura.
So when's the next
business trip, big boy?

Soon. And next time...
let's party with those
girlfriends you told me about.

Sure. l can arrange that.
What are you doing?
Who am l?
l don't know.
That's right.