How far can you see, Kid?
50 yards?

You bet your ass
I can see 50 yards, Will.

I can see well enough
to shoot this son of a bitch.

Hold on.
Hear that, Ned?
Kid can see 50 yards. Fine.
50 yards'll do just fine.
Now let's move out.

They look like real hard cases, Bob.
Did you kill all seven of them?
Or just wing some of them?
That you here embalmed on the cover?
"The Duck of Death"?
It's the Duke.
"Duke of Death. "

You always were the hell in Jesus
with a pistol, but seven of them?

Protecting that woman.
How do you do that?

It's desirable in the publishing
business to take a certain. . .

. . .Iiberty when depicting
the cover scene.

For reasons involving the marketplace--
From what I read, the writing's not
that much different than the picture.

I can assure you, Mr. Daggett. . .
. . .that the events described are
from eyewitness accounts.

Like the Duck himself, I guess.
The Duke.
Duck, I says.
"'You have insulted the honor of
this beautiful woman, Corcoran. . .'

. . .said the Duck.