Ned. . .
. . .how many men you killed?
Aren't you going to answer?
What the hell's that to you?
To know the kind of fellow I'm riding
with, in case we get into a scrape.

How many men you killed, Kid?
How many?
I done killed five of them.
That's including a Mexican.
He come after me with a knife.

Why don't you shut up?
Get some rest.

You boys are as crotchety
as a couple of old hens.

Actually, then, Mr. Corcoran was faster
on the draw than the Duck--

Than English Bob?
Faster was his mistake.

If he hadn't rushed, he wouldn't have
shot himself in the toe.

He would've killed old Bob.
Being a good shot,
being quick with a pistol. . .

. . .don't do no harm, but it don't mean
much next to being cool-headed.

A man who'll keep his head,
not get rattled under fire. . .

. . .Iike as not he'll kill you.
-But if the other fellow is quicker--
-Then he'll hurry and he'll miss.

Look here.
That's as fast as I can draw, aim, hit
anything more than 1 0 feet away.

Unless it's a barn.
But if he doesn't miss?
He'll kill you.
That's why there's so few
dangerous men around like Bob.

Like me.
It ain't so easy to shoot a man
if he's shooting back.