Voor een verloren soldaat

You show arms
and don't be afraid to fall

You show energy
and I want to see space

And the gorbe arm
back, more back

Foot and over your foot, try
That's good, good, Bunny
That's better
try the second step first

yeah, more
good, that's better

Well, do I look?
Yeah, It's over
And use you body

trying once
yeah, more, and look out
over your hands

Doesrt work...
Ok, stop...
The dance is
dedicated to freedom

To every kind of freedom
Fill me upon
the flarehead before...

Here we go again
Amsterdam especially
has kept strong ties

with the liberators
How strong was shown
on Liberation Day 1980...

when the population of the
capital honored them again

It was like the 1945
"May Days" again

Only the soldiers were now
35 years older

Amsterdam was thanking with
its cheers for the Canadians

all the allies who ended five
years of war and occupation

These were my heroes
the liberators of 1945

When they came back in 1980
it was scary
It didn't look like my memory

Could you be a bit more

Mark, shut up
What I see takes me back
to 1980

which also takes me back
to 1945

It is a memory of memories
It's the essence of what
I mean in this choreography