A Bronx Tale

'This is the fallen area of the Bronx.'
'My home.'
'A world unto itself.'
'We're 15 minutes away from any bar,
but they might as well be
three thousand miles away.'

'The sound of Mount Carmel church
bells would fill the neighbourhood.'

# On the streets of the Bronx
# Is where I wanna be
'It was 1960 and doo-wop was
the sound on the streets.'

# Standing on the corner
'It felt like there was a doo-wop group
on every corner back then.'

'What a time it was.'
'The Yankees were playing
The Pirates in the world series,

and Mickey Mantle
was like a god to me.'

'My dad would take me to watch
the Yankees win at Yankee Stadium.'

'That's the Chez Bippy.'
'That's where all the guys hung out,
but I'll tell you about them later.'

'That's my building.
I live on the third floor.'

'667 East 187th Street.'
'There's my stoop.'
'And on summer nights,
in the neighbourhood,

you'd hear the young Italian
men romancing their women.'

Hey, Marie!
-Get in the fucking car!

Get in the car!
Leave me alone.
-Come on, you know I love you.

Will you get in the fucking car!
'And right there -
right under that lamppost,

stood the number one man
in the neighbourhood.'

' Sonny.'
'Everyone loved Sonny,
and they treated him like a god.'

'And in my neighbourhood
he was a god.'