Bai fa mo nu zhuan

Now is the time to return a favor
Kill them for me!
Your heart's beating hard!
Let me feel it
Have you finished ordering?
What's so funny?
Buddy, you look so pitiable!
Having hardened her wings,
you've no right to touch them!

True love is mutual
I'll wait for you!
Right, compulsory love has no happiness
Right, compulsory love has no happiness
Priest Tzu Yang,
the cult is getting more powerful
in Manchuria

It may menace the safety
of the people of Ming

As the Chief of 8 clans,
you should contribute some effort!
Chi Wu-shuang appears again
The underworld is again rife
with witchcraft

We must wipe out the cult
before it come to power
They're not so easy to wipe out!
I hear they're quite powerful
in martial arts

we shouldn't have
let that traitor go that year

No point mentioning the past!