Bai fa mo nu zhuan

Easily said than done
what else can you do besides kung fu?
Returning home to till the land?
The Chief himself has promised to
relinquish his post to you
All the 8 clans
have been eyeing this post

You take no interest, but I do
take a longer sight
If you really become the Chief,
we can join forces
Quite possibly we may even change
Ming's territory

General, we've again caught
some foreign spies

Yes! Chop!
We're innocent...
Uncle Kuei, why did you...
Given present circumstances,
killing 1 00 wrongly is
better than letting one go

The cult tries to cover
the eyes and ears of the world and

the Manchus are getting
increasingly rampant

Our duty as military men is
to protect the territory

and kill them all
Yi-hang, remember,
heroes make the times!

Why is brother still not here?
Let's not wait for Yi-hang any more
Better plan how to deploy...
to cope with the cult
But Chi Wu-shuang's advance
in martial arts

and we're in the dark
about the cult's surroundings

Such a move is too dangerous
Let Kung Tung clan back out...
if it prefers
I don't think our 7-clan coalition...
can't cope with Wu-shuang
And the wolf girl?