Body of Evidence

How about the rest of the time?
You know what I mean.
I have to take a shower.
You don't get as rich as Marsh
by being a nice guy.

I want you to find out
who he fucked over...

business, personal, social...
anyone who might want him dead.
I'm hitting all the dealers...
with a list of
their nearest and dearest.

Maybe we'll get lucky
and come up with a user.

Joanne Braslow is here.
Garrett brought doughnuts.

The man's considerate.
But he always eats them all.
It wasn't normal.
They didn't have normal sex.
How do you know
what kind of sex they had?

I wasn't peeping
through the keyhole...

if that's
what you're implying.

I would go to the house to
pick up and drop off papers...

and I would find
their little toys all over.

Would you characterize...
your feelings toward
my client as negative?

I don't have much sympathy
for drug users.

Do you have personal knowledge
that she used drugs?

I personally saw her
shovel the stuff up her nose.

Is that good enough?
In front of a secretary?
I was at the house one morning.
I thought
she was still upstairs with him.

I went into the powder room...
and she was spooning coke
from a little vial.

What did she say
when she saw you?

She was too busy to notice.
Did you tell your boss
what you had seen?

- No.
- And why not?

I wanted to keep my job.
That didn't include
telling him...

his girlfriend
was a cokehead slut.