Born Yesterday

- OK. Let's do some business.
- Welcome to Washington, Harry.

Ed. I hate this town.
You know my sister's kid, JJ?

- Pleasure to see you...
- Don't give him a speech!

Talk to me. You set up the hotel?
Everything is in order. Here's some
stuff by that reporter I told you about.

Are you still going to make me
do that interview?

Look over this New Republic article
he wrote on the EEC.

He's not some do-gooder
with an axe to grind on my neck, is he?

You don't want a pushover, Harry.
If Paul gives you the thumbs-up,
it's a big deal in this town.

Think he knows anything?
God, no! That's why it's good for you
to meet him up front.

It shows you have nothing to hide.
Uncle Harry.
Jesus Christ! Hey!
- Billie!
- What?

When a door opens on a plane,
you get out!

Move it!
They've arrived.
Welcome to the Willard, Mr Brock.
I hope you had a pleasant journey.

Here he is. Remember, treat him nicely,
don't try to con him. Just be yourself.

- Paul! Good to see you again.
- Hello, Ed. How are you?

No more hardnosed
investigative stuff, huh?