Chao ji ji hua

What's Fu-seng doing? Flirting?
I left it in the room
I'll get it later

I'll go see what's going on
Hurry, I'll wait in the lobby
I'm really working on a case
If people know my identity
I will die

If I were here on vacation
I'd be swimming now

Thank you
I can't talk too much
Where is your room?
I'll call you later
Why are you still here?
What's going on?
Brother said he's not interested
She wants my business
I said "no", get away
Don't touch me
Get away!
Don't make faces at me!
I'm just talking to my boyfriend,
stay out!

Not bad
But my sister doesn't like it
How much?
I guess not too expensive
Who is your boyfriend?
Leave her, let's find a better one
She's fine, a shame to waste
What the hell are you doing to May?
Miss, if he won't have you, I will
How much do you charge?
Only your mother would charge
Drink water
What are you doing? May!
Let's go
Are you okay?
Let's go
Give me your key
I left mine by the pool
Go get it for me

Hurry back, don't run off
What's happening. Miss?
I want to cry
Miss, you cannot solicit
customers here

Your mother solicits
We are staying here
How can I help you?