Welcome home, Mr. President.
Over here, Mr. President!
Good to be home.
-What do you got?
-Let's go over it again.

Who do I see first this morning?
You've got Mr. Crenshaw at 1 1 :30.
I can't do two things at once.
I got NSC at 2:30.

-That'll only take half an hour.
-With Syria?

You have the radio address...
...and the Legal Counsel speech
at the Monroe tomorrow.

The Monroe?
Welcome home, Mr. President.
Yes, sir, the Monroe Hotel.
Have you got a double for me?
-We're working on it.

Try to find someone
who looks like me this time.

That last guy was a joke.
Ladies and gentlemen, here he is...
...the President of the United States.
God bless you. Thank you.
Welcome to Durenberger's, Mr. President.
Thank you, one and all.
Let me just say,
from one chief executive to another...

...that there is no Chevrolet
like Durenberger's Community Chevrolet.

Thank you, Mr. President.
That's not the president, is it?
I sure hope not.
I have the feeling that when people
find out about the $500 cash rebate...

...on all Geo Storms
and Geo Storm convertibles...

...that you'll be even busier than I am.
You said it, Mr. President.
I could veto this Simpson-Gardner thing
if I wanted to, but I don't.