Demolition Man

Where are they, Phoenix?
Now, where did I put them?
I swear, l´d lose my head
if it wasn´t attached.

I´ll keep that in mind.
Damn it, l´m tired of this
demolition man shit!

You were not supposed
to come down here!

You were not supposed to attempt
the arrest of Phoenix alone...

...and to blow anything up!
It wasn´t me! He dumped the gas
and rigged the place to blow!

Right, you weren´t involved.
I know you´ve tried to nail
this psycho for years.

But remember a thing called...
...police procedure?
-Where are the hostages?
-They´re not here.

He must´ve stashed them somewhere!
Are you sure they weren´t in there?!
I did a thermo check and there was
eight of them, all in his gang.

Wrong again!
You got something to say?
Get him out of here!
We are going to have a chat.
Over here! There´re bodies everywhere!
There must be 20 or 30.
They´re everywhere.
See that? I told him!
He said he didn´t care!
How could you sacrifice
all those innocent people for me!

What kind of man are you?!
We´ll spend a lot of quality
time together. ´Bye, sweetie!