Demolition Man

That was tense?!
Tell me, Garcia....
Don´t you get bored code tracing perps
who break curfew and tell dirty jokes?

I find my job deeply fulfilling.
I just can´t get over the reality
of this office, Lenina.

You´re still addicted
to the 20th century.

High from its harshness.
Buzzed by its brutality.

Holy smokes!
Is there anything in this office which
doesn´t violate Contraband Ordinance 22?

Only you.
Don´t you ever want
something to happen?

Goodness, no.
I knew you´d say that.
What I wouldn´t give for some action.
Mr. Simon Phoenix.
One of our first and most
illustrious members.

Allow me...
:17:03 welcome you
to your parole hearing.

Let´s get this over quickly.
Twenty-nine years ago,
the parole system, as you know it...

...was rendered obsolete.
Federal Statute 537-29....
Stop it!
Do you have anything fresh
to say on your behalf?

I thought not.
Yeah, I do.
Teddy bear.