Demolition Man

Home, sweet home.
John Spartan, even if Simon Phoenix was
able to locate the cache of firearms...

:42:13´d be impossible to remove them.
She´s right. They´re located
in a maximum security exhibit.

It´s just a hunch. Trust me on this.
It´s a cop thing.
And what am l, a frog?
Excuse me.
I´ll drive.
Resetting all bio-links for new driver.
Weight, height, peripheral vision set.
If you would like...
:42:42 commence transportation,
John Spartan, initialize sequence now.

You drive.
Welcome, Lenina Huxley.
You seem very much alone,
John Spartan, but...

...things aren´t all that different.
Perhaps you´d like to hear
an oldies station?

Oh, what a relief it is.
This is the town´s most popular station.
Wall to wall mini-tunes.
You called them ´´commercials.´´

The classic you´ve been waiting for.
The number one request:
´´Armour Hot Dogs.´´

´´Kids eat Armour Hot Dogs....´´
This is my fave!
´´Skinny kids, kids who climb on rocks
´´Tall kids, sissy kids,
even kids with...

´´...chicken pox love hot dogs
´´Armour Hot Dogs
´´The dogs kids love to bite.´´
Someone put me back in the fridge.
You are entering the armory exhibit.
Here you will find displays
in the cabinets and walls....