El Mariachi

Good morning, Azul.
- Do you know who this is?
- Moco...

- It's been years. What do you want?
- I'm a few towns away...

...with a whole new gang.
I heard you were locked up nearby -

- so I decided to call, my friend.
That was nice of you, you pig!
Get me out of here
and give me my share of the money.

- I got you where you are.
- Should I really get you out?

I know you're doing business from
your cell with some loyal men, -

- a mobile phone and the protection
that prison offers.

Not a bad idea.
Maybe someday I'll give it a try.

You owe me a fortune.
In here I make peanuts.

You know it.
So help me out...my friend.

Soon, Azul. Soon.
I'm sending some friends to get you.
In a few days.
That's more like it.
Just like the Moco I used to know.

Hang in there.
I won't forget that you've been
a big part of our triumph.

What's going on, Moco?
Getting me out today?