Fatal Instinct

But those guys
don't even have a clue.

You know women
the way I do...

you know exactly
what makes them tick...

what makes them hum...
what makes them jiggle
up and down when they walk.

There are two kinds
of women in this world...

and I've known them both.
One will take you
for a fast ride...

on a bumpy road
with no seat belt.

The other kind
is always--

Knock off
the chatter, will you?

I'm just trying
to keep you awake, Arch.

I'm awake.
Where the hell do you come up
with all that crap about women?

It's true.
Women are an open book.

If you know how
to read them, though...

you can always tell the rotten
apples from the peaches.

Are you kidding?
I would stake my career on it.
Anybody ever proves me wrong,
I'll throw away my badge.

Damn, I hate stakeouts.
What makes you think
that lowlife crook...

is going to show up here?
Logic. Knocked off
all those banks.

He's got cash.
He's going to
want to spend it.

It's one of the few places left
that still takes cash.

How are we going to
recognize the scumbag?

The support hose bandit?
You see him, you'll know.
These are
the best damn nachos...

outside of Detroit, Michigan.
I'm going to go
get some more.

Got a light?
How about a match?
No, thanks.
I have plenty.

You really are
incredibly stupid, aren't you?

I like that in a man.
I'd be insulted,
but I know you're serious.

You sound so sure of yourself.
I don't look as dumb as I am.
Let me buy you
a drink, Mister...