Fatal Instinct

Ravine. Ned Ravine,
and I'm on duty.

-Brain surgeon?

Bet you have a big gun.
You lose.
If I can't buy you a drink,
how about one of those?

Who can say no to a wiener?
Not me.
Two dogs...hot.
You got it.
You come here often?
Only when I'm...
in heat.
I'm terribly sorry.
Let me just...
Where are you going?
I'm going to get something
to wipe that off.

That's OK.
You were doing just fine.

I'll get you a paper towel!
Hold it right there, Milo.
Look out!
He's got a weenie.

Would you mind?
Hey! Out of the car!
And leave the keys.
Police emergency.
I need your vehicle.

Hey, hey,
I'm driving here.

I'm driving here!
All right, pull it over.
Last warning.
Pull it over.

Milo, don't be a fool.
Give yourself up.

You'll never take me
alive, flatfoot!

Stop your vehicle.
Get out of the car.