Fatal Instinct

in a laboratory environment.
Pull the trigger, smart guy.
Let's find out.

"You have the right
to remain silent." Next.

"lf you waive that right,
anything you say..." Next.

"May be used against you
in a court of law." Next.

"You have the right
to an attorney."

You have an attorney?
I guess today's your lucky day.
"Ned Ravine,
Defense Attorney."

How was that, baby?
Not bad for an auto mechanic.
You're not so bad yourself,
for a lawyer's wife.

You better watch
your tongue, baby.

I'll have my husband
arrest you.

Busy man--cop and a lawyer.
When does he ever
find time for you?

He doesn't.
That's why I need you
to keep my engine tuned.

Why drive a jalopy
when you can have a hot rod?

Maybe you should trade him in
on a new model.

I would if I could make
any money on the deal.

Want to go
for another test drive?