Fatal Instinct

I'll get that.
Laura, this is...
Lola Cain.
So lovely to meet you.
Better get these darn books
in their right place...

if we're going to find
the ones we need.

Let's see.
"W" through "V"...

It's getting late.
"C" through "K."
I'll give you
a ride home, Ned?

No. I have
my own car. Thanks.

I'll tow you.
Not today.
No need to wait.
I'll see you tomorrow.

Let's see...
P.D.Q. through A.S.A.P...

P.U. through B.O...
I should call someone
to fix this.

I'll call from home.
L.B.J. through J.F.K.
F.B.I. through C.I.A.
WD40 through...
I think I should
warn you, Mr. Ravine...

R.S.V.P. through Snafu.
I'm not wearing any underwear.
Try these on.
What can I do for you?
I've run across some papers...
and I thought you might
be able to tell me...

what they are.
I'm not very experienced
when it comes to papers.

I'll help you, Miss Cain,
if I'm able.

Do you have the papers here?
No. They're at home.
I thought
you might come by.

I'm on duty tonight.