Fatal Instinct

Don't they give you
a night off?

Of course.
Christmas, Columbus Day,
Groundhog Day, Doris Day...

and tomorrow.
Why don't we meet
tomorrow evening, then?

I'll let you know where.
What's wrong with my office?
Nothing a good
interior decorator couldn't fix.

Take care of this
for me, will you?

Where is he?
On duty all night.
By the time he wraps up
his reports...

it'll be close
to noon tomorrow.

I was just reading over
my husband's insurance policy.

You wouldn't know anything
about insurance, would you?

Yeah. As a matter of fact,
I sell policies...part-time.

I got half a brain,
or didn't you notice?

I must have had my eye
on something else.

How about a translation?
I'd like one of those.
I'll bet you would.
It's a standard
accident policy.

All the usual stuff.
The face value is...
three million bucks.

And there's a triple
indemnity rider.

If a policyholder dies under
very specific conditions...

it pays off three times
the face value of the policy.

Nine million dollars?
Yeah, but it's a sure bet
for the company.

Nobody ever collects.
Why not?
It only pays off
if he's shot with a pistol...

falls from a moving
northbound train...

and drowns
in a freshwater stream.

Could happen.
Suppose it did happen.
Then you'd be rich.
Then we'd be rich.