Fatal Instinct

It's the only case
I ever lost.

If he hadn't strangled
the bailiff to death...

you would have won.
Prison probably did him
a lot of good anyway.

I'm sure he made
a lot of new friends...

got a chance to read
all those books...

he never had time for.
Which one?
You're dealing
with a violent man.

The blue one.
I read the court transcript.
When they announced
the verdict...

Max Shady spit in your face.
He was spitting
at the judge, the jury...

the entire American
justice system.

He wasn't spitting at me.
I just happened
to be in the way.

But what if he's
still harboring...

some deep resentment
towards you?

You could be in real danger.
What's that?
Your insurance file.
The policy's missing.

Wait. Maybe it's in my desk.
You take such good care
of me, Laura.

The luckiest guy in the world
is going to be the guy...

who becomes your husband.
Fix the towels!
You can't swim!
Are you all right?
That was a very long
flashback you had.