Fatal Instinct

You asked me
to save this for you.

You smoke too much.
Sure is hot tonight.
Is it?
What are they looking at?
A lot of them have tried
that seat before.

You're the first one
that's lasted this long.

I feel honored.
Don't. It's broken.
Give me a glass of water.
Here you go.
So, you bring those papers?
No. I thought you might
come over to my place.

-Sure. I'll drive you.
-I brought my own car.

-I'll follow you, then.
-This might sound silly...

but would you leave first,
wait in the car?

I come here a lot...
and I wouldn't want those men
to think I'm easy...

a slut who will jump into bed
at the drop of a hat.

But if you leave first--
They'll think I'm a putz
for passing up a sure thing.