Fatal Instinct

So, here we are...
in the dark.
I have the clapper.
You what?
This way, Mr. Ravine.
You can wait in my bedroom
while I find those...

Papers, papers.
Holy smokes.
That's it?
These are the papers?

Yes. They're
so confusing to me.

Can you tell me
what they are?

This one's
a laundry receipt...

and the other's
an expired lottery ticket.

No. You keep them...
as a memento
of our time together.

I'm so grateful.
How can I ever repay you
for all you've done?

Cash would be nice.
Isn't there some other way?
I suppose you could
wash my car.

No. I mean, isn't there
something else you want...

something else
I could give you?

Slow down.
There's a speed limit
in this state--

65 miles an hour.
How fast was I going, officer?
About 123.
Suppose you pull me over
and frisk me?