Fatal Instinct

Suppose I let you off
with a warning?

Suppose I find a cop
with a bigger nightstick?

Suppose I
put you under arrest...

for being a bad girl
with bad thoughts?

Suppose you handcuff me
to the bed?

Suppose I do, and then
we lose the key...

and while I'm gone
to get a duplicate made...

this house catches on fire...
and I can't
get back to save you...

because the bridge
is washed out?

So you'd die
a horrible death...

toasted like a Polish sausage
on a flaming spit!

Would you like that?
I'd love it.
Well...l'm sorry, ma'am.
You're not so tough.
Last chance.
No, thanks.
I got a cold shower...
and a wife who trusts me
waiting at home.

What's the matter?
Don't you want me?

It's my face, isn't it?
It's the way I look.

Don't forget to lock up.