Fatal Instinct

Back off!
What's the first thing
you're going to do...

now that you're out?
Find Ned Ravine.
I'm gonna rip
his head off.

I'm gonna put this thumb
in his mouth...

these two fingers
in his eye sockets...

and use his head
for a friggin' bowling ball!

Are you a good bowler?
You ever bowled a 300 game?
How would you handle
a seven-ten split?

Aren't you wearing one of
Ravine's trademark blue suits?

The bastard
gave it to me as a gift...

to make up
for losing my case.

Now I'm gonna wear it
to his friggin' funeral.

How come we got to meet--
Shh! Sit down.
How come we got to meet here?
We have to be careful now.
We can't risk being seen
together at the house.

Someone might connect us
to the murder later on.

Put this on.
There's very
little risk involved.

Statistics reveal that less
than 32% of all murderers...

are ever apprehended.
You speak Yiddish?
But I can read the subtitles.