Fatal Instinct

Stick a knife
in your...

The eyeballs...
Razor-sharp spikes.
Did you get to the one--
Cut it off and shove it
in a blender.

Yeah. That one.
He's just getting it
out of his system, believe me.

It might be him.
Where did you get that?
From my purse.
Put the gun away.
Here. Flowers
for Mr. Ned Ravine.

Aren't you that lawyer guy?
You're dead meat.
Is this another sick joke
from Max Shady?

What is it?
I'll put these
in water for you.

What happened
to you last night?

Why? What have you heard?
You could
at least have called.

But I suppose
you were tied up.

Only part of the time.
I never know
when you're coming home.

How can I
ever make any plans?

Honey, I know
it's been rough for you...

this being alone so much.
Maybe we should try again...
to have a baby.

What's in the box?
The box?
Did I get you a present.
You did?