Fatal Instinct

What is it?
It's sort of like a cat.
It's not enough like a cat.
It's a skunk, honey.
I got it at
Furs and Skunks 'R' Us.

You shouldn't have...
and I really mean that.

What are you going
to name him?

How about Ned?
I like that.
I always loved the name Ned.
You're kidding.
What do you think?
Do you love Ned Junior
as much as you love me?

At least.
Frank, is that you?
Frank, I told you
never to call here.

Who's Frank?
The only Frank I know
is an auto mechanic...

and I sure as hell
wouldn't recommend the guy.

I got to go.
Why are you running from me?
Didn't it mean
anything to you...

buffing my buns
with carnuba wax?

Come on, Neddy-poo.
Doesn't Mr. Pokey
want to go exploring?

Mr. Pokey is busy right now.
Besides, he belongs
to my wife.

Today's your birthday?
-It's not important.
-Of course it's important.

I'm going to take you out.
We'll celebrate.

It's no big deal.
I'll have another one sometime.

No, I insist.
Get you a nice present.

You are so sweet.
You don't have to do that.